Why is SEO a Must for Local Businesses?

Even though the internet allows businesses to gain a global reach, it is important for business owners to stay rooted in their local scene. After all, majority of your customers come from the local area where your business is operating in. You should therefore give a local focus when promoting your website and spreading the word about your brand. Call the SEO Cambodia experts: Ardor SEO! if you want to improve local SEO performance for your business in Phnom Penh, or any nearby areas.

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If you want to improve your local SEO, here are some top tips from SEO experts themselves:

Use location in keywords. You should never overlook the use of location when optimizing your business’ SEO performance. For example, if you are a floral shop located in Phnom Penh, then you can target the keyword ‘floral shop Phnom Penh’ in order to target your audience. This will make it easier for web users to find floral shops within the Phnom Penh area. This is an important trick that you will learn when you call the SEO Cambodia experts: Ardor SEO! You can visit to learn about the various techniques you can use when incorporating locations into your keywords.

Add location in metatags. Aside from your keyword, make sure to use location in the metatags. If you are not using metatags yet, then it is time you should! Metatags can help boost your website’s SEO performance for related searches. And by geo-tagging your metatags, you can further increase your chances of being found on top search engines.

Use location in the website content or body. Obviously, this is where you should be optimizing your use of location in your website. By adding the location, it will be easier for Google or other search engine algorithms to crawl through your website when looking for a specific type of business within your location. If you want to learn more about optimizing website content through keywords, there are more information available at

List your website in local listing sites. There are several free listing websites that allow you to add your business details. Make sure you take advantage of this free offer. Yahoo Local and Google Places are currently the top two websites for listing local businesses. Since this is free, there is no reason why your website shouldn’t be listed on there.

Use location as anchor texts for backlinks. Whether you are adding internal or external backlinks, using locations as anchor texts will allow your local SEO performance to improve further.

Tap into the power of social media. Social media has definitely changed the landscape of SEO over the past two years. A lot of local consumers are turning to social media to read feedback and reviews of products or services they are interested in. Consumers prefer the two-way nature of communication that social media offers, as well as the responsiveness of this method of interacting with a brand or company. If you would like to expand reach for your local business, make sure you have set up a social media profile.

Need more results-driven approach to local SEO? It might be time to call the SEO Cambodia experts: Ardor SEO! With a reputation as one of the most innovative and top performing SEO companies in the world, businesses in Cambodia can leverage this knowledge to boost local performance. You can visit their website for more information:

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